Udemy account

Guys my udemy account got temporarily suspended how to fix this??


If it’s temporary, then upto that time use another Udemy account/ create one in order to enroll courses!
Problem Solved!!


if you account is for gale.udemy, just let it go…busted!

here’s what i got
mine also got disabled, had a lot of courses on my account


Same problem. I used it recently for opening gale.udemy.com account. And got busted today.
I mailed them at the support center but they refused to help.
Had thousands of courses in my account, now it’s all gone. :sob:

You got busted & you’re mailing them at the support centre. How crazy are you?

1 point to Gryffindor. The best action ever!

Didn’t understand, what happened at first.

Is that clear to you? @Botbang @MastLonda06

Here is what it sounds like:
“Hey I stole your courses (i.e. ufb). Can you tell the police not to arrest me and give me what I stole from you back?”

Don’t understand why you sent them an email?


If you get something for free or other means, do not try to exploit that. What happens really that creates alerts… In this case 1000+ courses if enrolled it will automatically alerts cyber security team…

So go slow… I’m saying due to this even my legitimate account got deactivated, so I’m going thru my institution to activate it…

“For greed all nature is too little”

That is a good explanation! :100: point to Gryffindor

I’ve been warning these people but, again, no one listen to me. Modern systems these days are intelligent, coming up with machine learning that is capable of detecting fraud and suspicious uses of systems.

Why do they have to waste their time doing favors for ones who stole their properties?

Hey, I sneaked in your house and robbed you somethings but I forgot my shoes on the way out. Could you send me my shoes?

How is that sound to you?

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You always have the best explanations. LOL :joy: :joy: :joy:

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