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  • Proxy Scraper
  • Account Creator
  • Legacy Checker
  • Account Checker
  • Token Checker
  • Live View Bot
  • Channel View Bot
  • VOD View Bot
  • Follow Bot
  • Chat Bot
  • Sub Bot
  • Bit Sender



Hi, this picked up a virus but I guess it could be a false positive, but nonetheless. Any tuts on how this actually works or a Readme file that gives some sort of instructions?

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This has a virus but oddly it works, run it in Sandboxie

Harmful virus, Negative virus, False-positive infections, have a lot of differences between them, False-Positive would never harm your machine or data for any purpose. Good luck, it’s a false positive infection that can be excluded simply!

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I would use a cloud-based server to run these. Set it and forget it. :wink: