[TUTORIAL] Paypal limited never again! secrets unveiled [pdf]


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Where is the pdf?

well i am permanently blocked by paypal for no reason… show me way… they blocked me because they felt that i am harmful for their business… just in 1 day in my new account… i had $1000 transaction and no chargeback … nothing… they kept my money on hold for 6 months and then released it and then blocked me… they earned interested on my $1000… never cheated paypal before from older accounts… paypal &&&& … use xoom or western union or bitcoins… no way paypal ever!!

Dude, you’ve replied to this thread after 3 Years!!

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FYI, Xoom comes under PayPal services.

i know right? why xoom is better? you get payment within 10 minutes, mostly within 3 minutes… where as in paypal … you get money after 4-7 days and there is high fees if you compare it with paypal… xoom has no buyer shitty buyer protection which is better for seller. being seller, i know there are many fraudent buyers who chargeback for the their services after 60 days … only disvantage of xoom over paypal is … it is not available for all countries… where as paypal is available for all countries… xooom is bit complex … but once your buyer knows how to use xoom and save all details of your account… it is one click to go like paypal


Thanks for the information.