[TUTORIAL] How To Change Login Screen Background Of Windows 10

The first thing you see while turning on your computer is the windows 10 login screen, where you got to put your password before you can login & it has the same default windows background that most users don’t like. In this post i will show you a way by which you can change the background image of the login screen.


  • First of all, download the application named Windows 10 Logon background changer from Mega.nz Mirror
  • Extract it from the archive & double click on “W10 BG Logon Changer.exe”, then grant UAC access (press YES when prompted)
  • Accept terms by clicking “YES” then wait for the main window.
  • Now, click on “Edit background” from the top & you will see bunch of options in right.

  • Click on the browse button & select image file that you want to use.

  • Once selected, click on “APPLY CHANGES” button.

  • That’s it, your logon background will be changed.

Final Notes: If you don’t want a image as your background, then you can use a solid color to appear in the place of the background. Interact with color settings from the program & apply the changes according to your needs.



thanks but this is useless for me because i am using win 7 :star_struck::grin:


I’m a w7 users also but I want to say thank you for sharing that info to us :slight_smile:

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@SaM The Simplest way is to just change the Lock Screen Background and checking the keep Lock Screen Background to Sign In Screen.

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You better get knowledge before trusting platforms. and do not blame anything that stand completely clean. Stop making these kind of statements if you don’t know such things.


Thanks but this is not a solution. If you do consider at bunch if new updated builds of windows 10 then you can see, few of builds not stable to lock screen. the settings won’t affect permanently. this shall work for custom backgrounds not for background added by default. read description before jumping into any solution. Good luck!


I can’t understand this part. Can you please elaborate?

Search ‘‘RS1, RS2, RS3 & Insiders’’ Difference and bugs remain in RS3 since it released.
And Those backgrounds you’ve asking to select from Lock screen added by default in OS. this tutorial contains another trick in it to add custom background at login & could you see those option under lock screen, that shown in this tutorial? obviously it is a alternate. Description, it means read Description that available in topic.

Lastly, if you still don’t understand, then i’m so sorry for inconvenience, i also can’t elaborate. Google search for other artical. Good luck!


Yes we can use Custom Backgrounds in Lock Screen that can be used in Sign In screen.
I am using Custom Background.

There is a clear button of Browse below the images from which we can select our own background.

As for the bugs, I don’t know about them. But anyone can try this first and if it doesn’t works then can use your method.

Thanks for keeping the conversation civilised.

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Yes this tutorial is regarding those versions that contains no fix so far to keep lock screen images works. RS3 is one of them. and member this is a tutorial regarding alternate program that contains bunch of other options. if anyone need them they will use it. That’s all. And there is nothing about referring users to follow yours method or mine. Topic title can speak itself and description can prove why they’re here. So we better leave this conversation here. CLOSED.