[Trick] How to Get Free Internet With Airtel SIM

Requirements : Computer and the Airtel SIM and a Wifi Dongle.:zap:

Step 1 : Put you Airtel SIM in dongle
connected it to the Computer.

Step 2 : Go to Device Manager >Select the
Modem/ dongle > Advance . In Advance
simply type this

(+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”airtelmms.com” ).

Step 3: Create a Dial-up connection.

Step 4 : It will connected but there will be no network access.

Step 5 : Go to connect it you will see

Step 6: Right click on connected and click on Properties.

Step 7 : Go to network tab and check all the checkboxes.

Step 8 : click on internet protocol version. (TCP/IP).

Step 9 : Click on propeties.

Step 10 : if you don’t know any free DNS Servers, select from following DNS server.

Step 11 : Free Recommended DNS servers.

Step 12 : Click ok.

Step13 : Then again Click ok.

Step 14 : A message will appear “Setting will
take palce next time you dial it” click ok.

Step 15 : Again connect after Disconnecting.

Now your Internet is free!


at least show screenshots to prove it !.


Any tricks for jio or bsnl

Did anyone tried this? Is it working??

Why do you need assurance that it works? It’s been posted because it has already been tested and used. This is a simple tutorial, for which I did not find the need to post screenshots… If you want to help the community why don’t you try it and provide screenshots @SpardaKING


Unable to create dial-up connection
A little help would be highly appreciated…

Plus does this work on 2g and 4g both???

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well, it seems this trick is from 2012

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Cause It depends from states to states !

I don’t need no assurance I just need the correct details .Sometimes it’s patched sometimes its not , totally depends. Plus providing screenshots would even help everyone a lil further.

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It’s right