Torrent to Direct Download (less than 10gb)

This method still working for me right now.

  1. Go to this link:
  2. use to generate temporary email as the website only allow 3 links for free user
  3. paste magnet link of your torrent to start download into the cloud. After the process done, you can download it directly
  4. enjoy

p/s: sorry for the shorturl :slight_smile:


Awesome and Thanks.!!
Great Trick.!!

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Good but some links are getting errors thanks for sharing but seedr is best for torrent links under 2.5GB for me for free .Is there any website like seedr that provides higher storage for free.


@srii yeah i also got the error. usually i just find another torrent file.

What ever site or method you use, You can only Grab 2.5 to 3 GB max.

And donโ€™t know what is the purpose of downloading torrent as in Direct download? Torrent is also direct download and it can do the deed easily, even you can Grab the whole content why stuck if the torrent is larger than 4 GB? LOL anyways, tricks are tricks.

A few unknown and working ones already Exists here: How to Download Torrent Files with IDM (Torrent to IDM)

Other than that, I never bother myself on any alternative method to grab torrent as in direct download and why would keep searching on problems and errors they have no meaning because while I do that, I can even download the whole torrent earlier. :slight_smile:

And peoples those who thinks this method can help you Grab dead torrents? then never think of that, those tricks are only working for active torrents, and If you configure your connection & torrent client then you would never need any trick to download something that way. itโ€™s a time in my opinion. LOL

But peoples who need it, they are good to use and rest of it, but only for 2.5 GB. Good luck!


The easiest way for very large files will be to get a windows vps

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