Torrent & Direct Link Leecher- Supports Upload to Gdrive and Mega


Hi Guys :blush:,

Previously i had made a guide on torrent leecher u can find it here Make your own Aria2 Torrent Leecher-Supports Direct upload to Gsuite & TD
But i saw that many ppl had trouble deploying it coz u need basic knowledge of heroku and Rclone for it to work so i am giving u guys a simple link which doesnt require any of that

Note it doesn’t support upload to Teamdrive

Login to your Gdrive or Mega account
Click Upload to cloud when it finishes downloading
Thats it



If for some reason u cant use this then u can use -Download Torrent Get Direct Link of File (Folder Link wont work)
with - Login and Paste the link to upload

It does the same thg the difference is that u r jus using 2 different webapps for downloading and uploading :rofl:

Enjoy :grin:


This looks promising. Thanks for sharing.


… And Over Every Possessor of Knowledge, There is (Some) One (Else) More Knowledgeable.


i tried uploading direct links but after a minute it disappears. what happnd

tried refreshing and sign in again , this is what i get,
“socketIO sesssion not initialized.”

me too seems like someones playing mischief deleting others torrents
Thats why i recommend using my 1st guide :rofl:


Great share! But someone keeps deleting the files :no_mouth:

it saved my video as a binary file … what to do

oh that bhadoo cloud is so much fun… until someone deleted my 20GB file download…3 times.

so whoever did that f u. so i guess il be doin that too.

ya thats the disadvantage…there is not any sorting of moderating done on it…many time ppl delete ur torrents…thats why its unreliable