Top Best Useful Slack Tools For Better Productivity

Since its launch in 2013, Slack has grown to become a top team communication tool to generate conversations, collaborations, and discussions. It also allows for third party integration and services to help make life a lot easier.

For instance, you can automatically post any new task you’ve added in Asana, to a channel of your choice. Many other tools help improve the usability and functionality of Slack. And in this post, we are listing 10 of these tools that you might like to use with Slack.

Google Drive

If you are a fan of Google Drive for document storage, you can get Slack notification on every change made on your documents on Google Drive. This tool will notify you if there is a new document created or if someone shares, modifies, or deletes a document.


Slackin helps you build public communities through Slack. It gives you an <iframe> badge with a real-time number of registered and online users, which you can put on a web page. If the user clicks on the badge, a form asking for an email address to be sent an invitation to join will be shown.

Alternatively, there are landing page versions. Plus, the badge is also available in the SVG version, for static mediums such as GitHub Pages.


An official Slack integration that allows you to subscribe to an RSS or Atom feed URL to receive updates in Slack on the specified channel.

You can add a subscription to sites like Search Engine Journal or to a channel #seo to discuss as well as keep up anything SEO. It also provides a handy shortcode, /feed , to manage these RSS subscriptions.


This is a must-install tool for any developer. It integrates Slack to Github, allowing you to keep up with the updates that happen on your GitHub repository and interact to it.

You can, for example, receive updates on new comments, issues, and pull requests (PR), then use the shortcut /github to either close, reopen, and even open a new issue with the shortcut.


Using animated GIFs are a great way to put your message across and is one of the most popular sources to find one. In Slack, you can install the Giphy app to add a shortcut /giphy to search a GIF and post it to Slack.


The tool allows you to send or forward emails (along with its attachment) from Gmail to Slack. A quite handy app if you ever need to continue the discussion on Slack rather on an email.

Google Calendar

This is one of my favourites tools in Slack that allows you to interact with Google Calendar. You can for example answer an event or schedule invitation, get a reminder of an event a few minutes before it starts, and even get a calendar badge in your profile to show that you’re attending a schedule.


One of the most common things people do on Slack is sharing URLs. This tool enables you to connect Slack to Pocket where you can save the URLs from Slack thread or conversation to your Pocket account.


This tool provides a number of shortcuts like /notes or /noes list to allow you to write private notes anywhere on a Slack channel. You can use it to quickly write down ideas, memos, or reminders and retrieve these notes from Slack anytime.


Zoom is a popular choice for a video call be it for office or business meeting or for school. This tool provides the convenience of interacting with Zoom in Slack. You can use the /zoom to start a call or join a meeting with Zoom. (Source: hongkiat)