Tips to learn any programming language

Sharing these tips based on my personal experience .

  • Road Map:
    Ask yourself this question first. why do i want to learn this language , you should have a reason otheriwse you’ll loose the interest. for ex you want to learn python for automation , then have a road map, start with the basics first and then move on to next step. you’ll get to know what else you need to learn once you start learning .

  • Infinite Tutorial Loop
    I have seen lot of guys fall into the trap of sucking every tutorial in the world they can find on that particular language . Stick to the one course and finish it entirely apply the knowlege you’ve gained on questions and master it , then move on to next course , 1Hack is a treasure of resources but that doesn’t mean you have to suck everything like a vaccum cleaner even if it’s irrelevant to you.

  • Practice
    If you’re amazed by all the guy who solves the problem in one liner which took you almost 2-3 hours to figure out., that’s because he has done the questions like this 100 times and you have just started . give it a time and practice on codingBat, hackerrank,codechef, codeforces etc.

  • T shaped knowledge
    if you want to learn a language for professional reasons then have a T shaped knowledge, you should be proficient in that languge and familiar about other technology releated to it. for ex if you are learning python then it’s good to have knowlede about Database, Version Control, System Design and so on.

    lastly whenever you come across some tricks while solving the problem . note it down.
    PS: if you have something else in your pocket, add it to the list. this might help others.

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