TikTok Rating Down On Play Store

Popular app TikTok has seen a significant drop in its rating on the Google Play Store after a recent video posted by YouTube star.

TikTok vs. YouTube Rating Drop refers to an online attack waged on TikTokers by YouTubers in India. The deletion of a youtube video by Indian comedian Carry Minati, which primarily roasted popular TikToker Amir Siddiqui, caused many fans of Minati to uninstall TikTok and give the app a poor rating in May 2020. The rating dropped significantly overnight and the hashtag #justiceforcarry to trend on Twitter.

The rating for this moment is 2.0 with a big amount of negative reviews , not only from Indian people, but from all the world


Very good!!!


Apes together strong


Carry Minati fans


Suprb! Means Carry has more influencing power compare to PM of india.:thinking: hmm , Rosters gonna rule the world. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::+1:t2:


Amir siddiqui is total asshole.really what did he do in Moscow😂?everyone is with carry.I think amir was trying to get famous but carry totally destroyed him.


if we bring down it to onestar according to google playstore policy if an app has ratings less than 1 then it is removed from playstore


Its gonna happen I think… I mean, all my friends are massively rating it 1 star…many people also made some petitions to “defeat TikTok”…
Ugghhhh, so many dumb and mindless people in this world, Same thing happened with Pewdiepie vs T-series :joy:

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i dislike amir. i dislike carry. for reasons not important to mention here(by that i mean i am not supporter of any of them). but why people are giving ratings to developer of the app. there is nothing wrong done by developer. it is not good way to promote hate towards amir or support carry. beside, tiktok is really good entertainment for those people who find it hard to use youtube or really need to make 15seconds to 1 minutes to appear in public. unnecessarily many other who are working hard behind tiktok team are getting harm due to this. this masses only understands abuses done by roasters and just blindly follow them, most of them are below 20.


there’s Rs.200/kg Meetha Sweet in the Market now. :rofl: :rofl: :sweat_smile:
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And here is an example :joy: :joy: :joy: