The Ultimate Sites To Download Free Audio Books ⭐

Audiobooks are basically audio recordings of your favorite books narrated by a professional or a renowned celebrity. There are many advantages of an audiobook over a hard copy book and even an e-book. You don’t have to read it yourself, you can listen to it while taking care of your chores, multiple people can listen at the same time, you can carry hundreds of audiobooks with you as compared to hard copy books, and many other benefits.

Although audiobooks do come with a hefty price tag, there are many websites that let you download audiobooks for free. Of course, the titles can be a little old, but if you love some classic books, then you are going to have a great time. Check out the below mentioned 20+ websites to download free audiobooks. (Source: hongkiat)

Loyal Books

Loyal Books has thousands of audiobooks in different categories. They offer a complete history of each book along with a book synopsis and the date of publication. You can download audiobooks as Mp3, iTunes Podcast, or listen to them in your RSS reader. Additionally, you can also download just specific chapters.

Download Loyal Books for Android.


Storynory is a storytelling website for kids that has interesting stories for kids as audiobooks and written text. The stories are written by professional contributors and I must say they are really interesting. You can both download the audio book or read it if you want.

Download Storynory for iOS.


LibriVox is a community-driven free audiobooks website where contributors narrate popular books and make them accessible for readers. Although most of the books are professionally narrated, but you may also find books that are not narrated very well.

Download LibriVox for Android, or iOS.

This is a subscription based audiobooks service that lets you read one book every month for a $14.99 fee. However, they let you have one book for free with their 30-day trial. If you are looking for newer popular audiobooks for free, then you can get one here for free.

Download Audiobooks for Android, or iOS


LearnOutLoud is a hub of free and paid audio/video learning material with thousands of free audiobooks available. Most of the books have a focus on learning, but there are me fun stories as well. LearnOutLoud also offers personal reviews of books to better understand what it’s about.

Download LearnOutLoud for iOS.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a great resource for finding classic e-books and audiobooks from the public domain. The books are narrated by volunteers of Project Gutenberg and similar audiobooks websites, such as LibriVox. You can find both human-narrated and computer-narrated books.

Downlaod Project Gutenberg for Android, or iOS.


Lit2Go is another great source where you can find thousands of audiobooks of different categories. They do a great job of summarizing books, and also offer a recap of each chapter of the book. is another paid subscription based audiobooks website that offers a single book for free when you sign up. There are over 50,000 titles to choose from and new ones are added frequently.

Audiobook Treasury

Audiobook Treasury has more focus on selling paid audiobooks, but it also offers a wealth of free audiobooks. Most of the free audiobooks are new and made available for free by the authors. You can also find some renowned old titles.


Openculture isn’t actually a website that hosts audiobooks, instead, it lists popular titles that are copyright-free along with links to download them. Currently, there are over 900 audiobooks listed, but the list gets updated frequently.


Have you known that libraries also have free audiobooks along with hard copy books? Many libraries have started giving away free audiobooks, all you need is a library card. Overdrive helps you find libraries near you that offer free audiobooks and let you listen to paid audiobooks for free.

Downlaod Project Gutenberg for Android

Audiobooks by has one of the biggest archives of classic audiobooks collected from different sources. There are over 13,000 free audiobooks listed and you can find almost any classic title. The interface is really easy to navigate and you can both play the audiobook in the web app and download it in different formats.

Lightspeed Magazine

If you are interested in sci-fi and fantasy audiobooks, check out Lightspeed Magazine. The books are written and narrated by Lightspeed Magazine authors. The audiobooks are both professional and interesting.

Download Lightspeed Magazine for iOS, or Kindle.


eJunto provides you with useful books on philosophy and American history, and you can also find the autobiographies of some American presidents. If you are interested in American history, give the site a visit.

Download eJunto for iOS.


Scribl is another great site to find interesting audiobooks, written by Scribl authors. There are audiobooks from almost every genre and you can get the audiobooks on iTunes as MP3 or listen to it in your RSS reader. If you like a book, you can donate to Podiobooks authors as well.

Download Scribl for iOS, or Android.

Light Up Your Brain

If your kids love stories then check out the “Audio Stories” section on the Light Up Your Brain website. Here Chuck Brown, the admin of Light Up Your Brain, reads popular kids’ stories that you can download for free. The narrator’s voice is calming and friendly for children.


Manybooks is a reliable website to get e-books but they also have a section for audiobooks with a collection of over 1700 audiobooks. You can find many classic titles here, and Manybooks also displays the Flesch reading ease score for each book to tell you how easy it would is to read the book.

Free Classic Audio Books

Download in mp3 or m4b format (for the iPod) all your favorite books in audio format. Indexing is done alphabetically by the author’s last name to make your searches easier.


BookRix is a friendly, book-loving community that provides freebies and contests. BookRix specializes in religious, fantasy-based and fictitious audio books for download.

Kiddie Records

Like its name suggests, this site is great for downloading audio books which are suitable for your young children, with popular titles like “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.


PodCastle is the first fantasy fiction audio magazine; every week, they feature free, fictional audio stories for fantasy lovers. You can also submit your own fiction or recordings for a fee.

Happy learning!