The Ultimate Library Card Cracking Guide - Get Access to Premium Web Services (NO BIN/VCC REQUIRED)

Heya Fellas!

Alright, things are sure looking dull outside, but that’s no reason to not indulge yourself in the internet, and treat yourself to some premium content, hehe. :shushing_face:

I know I’ve been outta commission for a while, but it’s because I do thorough research whenever I set out cracking something - the most important and overlooked step when starting out, and it takes time to build a bulletproof method, so finally, here we are today, and I’m gonna teach you the ropes on cracking public library cards - and this is my very own original method, so I’d appreciate it if you give credit where it’s due when sharing to other places.

Why public library cards? Because they’re the storm nowadays, and because they’re damn empowering; just look at some of the premium content you can access, I’ve validated all of them as available and working -

  • Language Learning: We’ve seen Mango Languages is pretty common among public libraries, but there are some high-end services too distributed at some places and one that I’d like to recommend very much, because

    (They’re not links, but a screenshot, so you can stop trying to click them now)

  • Reading Materials: Now, now, I know, we’re getting a public library card, and I’m suggesting you read stuff, how cliche, right? Well, apart from the usual ebook collections, you can get access to NY Times, online comic collections like Comicsplus, and Safari Tech Ebooks, which have most of the popular publishers’ books on technology and stuff. Check them out yourself.

  • E-Learning Resources: Yes, we’re talking about a virtually lifetime access to Lynda(I dunno why that got the whole community so riled up - there are much better places to go to) and among these, I’d like to add The Great Courses collection, Pluralsight One(difficult to obtain) and VidCode(they teach you to make memes and animate stuff with code, funny as heck). Of course, me being me, I demand higher standards of teaching, so I found out another very high-end and premium service to obtain - all yours, no sharing, difficult to get(social engineering required, but I got it done) and very classy to brag about.

  • Entertainment: Of course, study’s never complete without some relaxation and fun. For that, public libraries can provide you with Kanopy, it’s collections are much larger than Netflix(nope, sorry, libraries don’t do Netflix, move over it) and Hoopla, which is good for both video and music streaming. Lastly, another premium item to look out for over here - totally yours to keep and might require some SE, but worth it.

I haven’t provided links, because I’d like you to actually get on Google and use your cracking skills for once. This is merely a push in the right direction. Also because I’d like more people to learn and grow and then contribute back to 1Hack. Seriously people, now’s the time to contribute your own finds, more than ever - so please don’t just fuck around and leech stuff from here.

Getting back on track, let’s talk about getting your very own personal eCard from a public library. All of them have varying periods of access till you’re required to physically go to the library and get a physical card made - and these periods can from 3 weeks to 3 months to even 2 years sometimes. But, keep in mind, they’re almost never permanent. They do expire.

You need to then choose a public library and scope out what services they offer, and if they do indeed allow the local residents to obtain an eCard, since that’s who we’re gonna be posing as. Finding signup links isn’t hard, and you can copy most of the fake details like name, phone number, or driver’s license from a fake information generator like the fake address generator mentioned here often. However, pro tip - never use the fake addresses for best results. The most surefire way to guarantee your fake residency is to look up the city, county or district on Google Maps, and choose a random location, using that address as your own. For example, if we were to look up for a valid address in New York, just search “ny maps” and zoom in to street level on a random spot, click on it, use that address and voila! - you’ll receive your eCard in no time. Here’s an example of a random address:

Using this method, you can replenish your membership again and again, just be sure to use some believable details, like the name and the email address(temp mail not recommended) as many of the eCard allotment processes require human validation from employees of the libraries. The same goes when applying for high-end services I mentioned, but they include one or the other sort of additional form to be filled up apart from eCard signup, which will usually get you access to most services alone. It will surely be suspicious if a lotta "John Doe"s suddenly start popping up all over the library’s database, so my advice is to be clever about it and not leech it away like crazy.

Be content, be patient and be thankful.

Lastly, PM me if you’re confused over something in this process, and also do give a like and react to show your respect and love, it inspires me to release more original hacks!

Cheers and Peace Out! :v:

P.S. - For proof, here are some of the very high-end services I obtained in just over 2 days.


Additional points I need to make -

  • DISCLAIMER: Please note that I will not be held responsible for anything you do, the guide I have shared is for informational and educational purposes only.

  • Since I have had experience using this method on only public libraries in the USA, make sure you use the same IP address with a VPN when signing up.

  • I’m looking to release an in-depth IBAN Carding Guide next, and so if you’re an active 1Hacker currently in Germany or any other major EU countries, or, if you’re plain interested in collaborating and doing out some cool stuff together, PM me and maybe we can work as a team. Cheers to that.


what are you trying to say and where is the guide ??

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To clear any further confusions: this IS the guide; if you’ve been an invested member at 1Hack all along, and if you know the basics of cracking, you will get what I’m saying. Please, I implore you, go out and get started looking up for public libraries with the provided services you need, and start the process of researching and getting to signup over there. If you’re still in doubt, PM me.

Pssst… Go over to the search bar on 1Hack and look for the “Lifetime Lynda” access bots which pretty much follow the same process of signing up at one of the tested libraries. It’s not too difficult to follow, even if you can’t read the code. What I have here is more of a specific guide on the services and pro-tips on raising your chances of success is all.

Good Luck! :+1:

thank you @GullibleLamb for sharing information… Hope you share more awesome stuff like this in future :clap:t3:

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dude its done i have 2 lynda acc long ago one experied other one is going on

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