The ULTIMATE APP to learn meditation | Ridiculously Easy | WAKING UP | [My experience] 🧘🏾‍♀️

Note: I am not connected to the app in any way. I am just a big fan, who changed his life. So, now I want to help others do the same.

Alert: This post contains a lot of my shitty feeling talks. You can directly go down and see the app if you are not interested.

Around two months ago I was watching a youtube video in which, this person named August Bradley said this:

"Meditation is not about making your mind go blank – it’s about being completely present. If we don’t learn to be present in the moment, we’re just going to have a collection of memories that we weren’t even there for".

This touched me somewhere deep. I was a kind of fidgety individual and was not able to concentrate on anything particular for long enough and this was hurting me and my life immensely (My ambitions were definitely still driving me to do things but they were just painful drag, i.e., I was kind of unhappy inside). The above statement started a train of thoughts in my brain: I realized that the real reason for my happiness is me not being present, me living for the future. So, Meditation seemed like something that can solve the problem (definitely I was skeptical at that time).

I found this app called “WAKING UP” by Sam Harris after doing some research, I downloaded it and listened to the getting started audio. That first 10 min audio for getting started was enough to convince me that this was something different. I followed the app as they said for almost 3 months now and not kidding I am now l feeling a kind of peace in me. Some people may say that meditation is just getting relaxed like Xanax but I can tell it is just a side effect of meditation. It is so much more than that. You start thinking so much more and noticing things that you didn’t notice before. Now every second I get my mind auto meditates. (if you think all this is bullshit just try it yourself)

Is this app free?

The app uses a really crazy monetization scheme: You can pay if you want, otherwise just simply email the support and they will give you one year of access for free. (this is explained in the getting started audio in the app). In my case they activated it in almost 15 minutes.

You can use these links:

  1. With referral: (I won’t get any benefit, you will get the first month free without emailing support after that you can email and extend it to a year) Waking Up App + 1 month
  2. Without referral direct play store: Waking up App (playstore)

Images to prove my point:

  • These are not normal rating it is really hard to find such rating on the play store for lifestyle apps.



Comment if you face any issue. Also, share your experience with meditation (I have not shared the shitty experience that I have had with meditation before I found this app because I didn’t want to get this topic to get too long)

Have A dynamic Day! :woman_in_lotus_position:t5::star_struck::woman_in_lotus_position:t5:


Will check and update @TekinaTawar

Thanks for the shoutout

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Went through getting started audio, didn’t get any info about 1-year access for free.

Mail to the support they will send a link where you can get free access

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Thanks mate. Try prana breath ( .

Worked just fine. Amazing.

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how to get a 1-year subscription,
I mean what I need to or must say to them in the email to get 1 year subscription

Here is the Process.

  1. Go to there website i.e.,
  2. Scroll and click on “Request a free account” ( the blue thing in screenshot)
  3. You have to watch a video. (maybe 5 min video)

    Optional: If you have an extension (for chrome/opera) called Video Speed Controller you can even increase the playback speed to make the video end quickly.

  4. Buttons will change their color to blue in the above screenshot. > Then click on the “Request a Free Year of waking up” button.
  5. Fill these details.
  6. After some time they will email you to give you a free account.

To whomever it may concern, So you don’t need to give the reason by writing anything in any sort of email just request an account in the above manner. @venugopal_ganesh


Man, such a replay I am very glad that you responded with that great full procedure,
no words to express, such a kind of you, truly it means a lot to me!
thanks, man! thank you very much!


Appreciate the time you took to make this post in such a detailed manner.
Wish you good luck!

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Just Go Here and fill Details.

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Since reading your post I got curious and decided to download the app and get one year free access.
I was first a bit skeptical but this app has been such an eye opener for me.
I had already been meditating for more than year and trying to become a better meditator because of it supposed benefits.
First off I have to say this app has been a real eye opener Harris emphasis on the goal being using your learned meditation skills in real life and not being this good meditator that can sit for hours has really changed how I approach meditation.

Also all the insightful conversations with various experts have just given me this insane wealth of knowledge.
The fact that I haven’t even taken in 50% of the available knowledge on this app and I have already learned so much fills me with excitement.

I am already dreading the day my subscription ends.

While late I just wanted to make this post as a thank you for bringing this in my life. :smiley: