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Before you begin I want you to recognize these four numbers:
:black_small_square: 10,400,000
:black_small_square: 376,100
:black_small_square: 4,419,866
:black_small_square: 50%
I get it, you think I’m crazy or just making up random numbers… I assure you, I’m not.
10,400,000 - That’s the number of MILLIONAIRES currently in America.
x376,100 - is how many times MORE likely you are to be a millionaire than be attacked by a
Seems random, right? WRONG. Here’s the one that really blows my mind.
x4,419,866 - That’s how many times more likely you are to be a millionaire than win the
You may have realized I left one number out, don’t worry I’ll tell you why later.
Who would have thought that wealth made to stimulate your wildest dreams, isn’t really that

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