The Fastest Hash Cracking Guide

This guide is super simple and doesn’t require time-wasting tools such as hashcat, or any other time-consuming methods. With This method we will be using, a hash cracking service which all you do is paste you a list of hashes into a text box and wait for your hashes to be checked against a huge list. supports almost all hashes(including ones with salt) and is perfect for anyone looking for a quick and easy solution to hashcracking.

To get started we first need a combo or list of hashes (make sure it is parsed already for an easy time).

Combos can be parsed in many ways, CSV being the most common some examples of a already parsed combo is one having deliminators.



Now offers two types off cracking, searching already cracked hashes(mass search & free search) or using the escrow which allows you to upload your list of hashes that you want cracked.

But First we will start with the hash search.

  1. We need to extract the hashes from the combo, one editing tool i use is EmEditor ( EmEditor is really great for editing files/combos.

  2. Once we have EmEditor open your combo, it should look like this

  1. Now that we have the combo open there should be a “CSV/Sort option” on the toolbar of EmEditor.
  • The deliminator in the combo i have chosen is a Comma which should be “Comma Separated” in the tool, don’t worry if your deliminator is not there. To add a new deliminator] → Add → Deliminator, then your own deliminator
  1. Now time to extract the hashes from the combo, simply click on your Deliminator choice in the “CSV/Sort”, whether it be Comma or your own custom one. In my case Comma separated. When we choose our sorting each section will appear, we want our hashes. Simply click on top of the column for hashes → right click → copy columns

  2. Once we have copied the columns create a new document, and paste the column we copied into the new document and save.

  3. (only applies to salt). If your combo contains a salt step back to step 4 Hold SHIFT and clicks the top of both columns, then copy columns. When pasting

  • into new file click search → replace → find your deliminator(if the delim is “:” don’t change), put it in find, then to replace put in “:”
  1. Now that we have our hashes file head over to → Decrypt hashes → Mass Search.

  2. Now choose our hashes file, and hit submit. Now wait as its processed

  3. Once its processed, download founds and there are the cracked hashes.

Happy learning!