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What is Doxing?

Dox is short for docs. When you dox someone, you find out their personal information such as their name, their address, their number, and all kinds of stuff like that. Many people find this as a really effective tool when attacking someone online. You can do a large number of things when you have someone’s dox. I list a few at the bottom. I highly suggest reading every section as it can be very beneficial to have as much knowledge as possible. Now there can be legal doxing and then there can be illegal doxing. If you’re just compiling someone’s name and public information already out there because they were dumb enough to have their
info on Whitepages, then that’s legal. If you’re using the methods I show you to grab their SSN and credit report, I suggest hiding yourself first. I’ve provided many tips on the anonymity section and you could check out HackForum’s anonymity section yourself. There are TONS of anonymity guides in the Private Investigation and Anonymity section under Beginner Hacking on HF.

Tip: Doxing a minor could also get you in trouble so be cautious.

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