The EpicBeat Trending Content Finder Hack ⭐

EpicBeat ( helps you power your marketing by connecting you with trends, content & influencers that matter the most to you. It’s also called a trending content idea hub where you know which content works best for which network.

Usage Phase:
Influencer Marketing Usage
Difficulty: Medium
Tools Used:

Paid/Free: Freemium Tool (but - worth paying defi- nitely compared with other competitor tools in the same niche that are pricey…)

Free Alternatives:
None, at present. A basic free alternative with minimum features from Google is Google Trends live at

Hack it with Granny:

  1. Head over to
  2. Search for any topic or website in the search box. Type in something like “Advertising” or “Technology” as an example.
  3. You will find a lot of trending articles that you sort accordingly divided into total engagement, shares, comments, applause etc. Filter out the most recent articles by changing the date in the column titled as “Published in the”. Example would be “Published in the last 24 hours”.
  4. To change the other columns over there like content format or content type or Country, you can sign up for a paid plan starting from just $2 a day (current price).
  5. Also, click on view sharers for a particular article to find out your influencers for the content topic that you searched for. The EpicBeat Trending Content Finder Hack | 31
  6. You can then export the results in a paid plan.
  7. Suppose you have a paid plan and you have the list, sign up for twitter ads at…-tafooter
  8. Go through this article…ences.html before you do anything else
  9. Upload the @Handles that you got from Epicbeat and create a custom targeted campaign. (Note: This would get you 90% conversions, supposedly you are promoting or written something similar related to “Advertising” or “Technology” which you searched for earlier at EpicBeat. This is because the audience here loves only that genre. Hope you understood this. This is crucial.
  10. Watch the results soar and more traffic coming to your blog or social media profiles. Who knows? You can also send them to landing pages created using or and make sales happen.

Bonus Tip:
Growth Hacker Granny recommends that this procedure is also possible through the usage of a tool which is Please take a free trial 32 | 12 SOCIAL MEDIA HACKS THAT WORK: GROWTH H… and try that tool out too. However to export the influencers, you would need a premium plan.

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