The Designers Guide To Figma | Daniel Schwarz

The Designer’s Guide to Figma | Daniel Schwarz

Master Prototyping, Collaboration, Handoff, and Workflow


Master the most complete tool for designing apps, websites, and user interfaces.


Figma is the most complete tool for designing apps, websites, and other types of user interfaces (UIs). Unsurprisingly, it’s also the most-used UI design tool according to the 2022 Design Tools Survey.

Figma can take product design teams all the way from ideation to high-fidelity prototyping—covering all the design processes in between. It can also facilitate diagramming, collaboration, and research. Figma’s design handoff and design system management features can help bridge the gap between design and development. It’s available for Windows, macOS, and as a browser app.

In this book, we’ll immerse ourselves in everything Figma has to offer as we design a simple web page.

  • Get acquainted with Figma. Learn where everything is, while using some of Figma’s biggest and most exciting features.
  • Learn how to collaborate with stakeholders
  • Discover how to create and use Styles and Components, and how to create Design System Libraries to hold them.
  • Cean up your design, check its accessibility, export its assets, and make sure that it’s ready to be “handed off” to developers.
  • Take a deep dive into some advanced Figma workflows.

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