The Complete Cracking For Beginners | Learn How To Crack ⭐


Today ill teach you guys how to start cracking. Well go through the absolute basics in detail and by the end of this tutorial, you can pretty much start your cracking journey.

There are tons of cracking tool out there but my personal favorite is STORM, You can download STORM online.
Remember, Always use a VM or Sandbox when running tools downloaded from the internet.

Even though your antivirus might not detect it, many are infected using FUDs.

Step 01

Things you need before you start to crack

  • A Combolist

A combo list is basically a large file containing usernames, passwords & emails. We use a different type of Combo depending on the accounts we’re going to crack. For example, if we are to crack Netflix accounts, we need a Combolist in the configuration (email:password) because this is how you sign in to Netflix. Hope you understand.
You can use Free combolist but I would recommend buying an HQ combo list from the marketplace or from a reputable member.

  • Proxies

Proxies are a list of IPs. Why do we need this? Because many sites have a limit for the number of time an incorrect login attempt can be made with one IP. Due to this, we use Proxies.
Same as Combos, the more HQ your proxies are, the higher chance there is to cracking premium accounts.

  • A config

A config is basically a predefined set of setting for STORM. You can download different config depending on the site you’re cracking, Example, if your cracking Spotify accounts, get a Spotify config.

Step 2

Put all the Configs you have downloaded in the STORM Configurations folder.

Open up STORM.
If you are still a beginner cracker, you can use your own PC. That’s absolutely fine. But if you want to crack thousands of accounts per day, I would recommend investing in an RDP. an RDP is basically a computer running 24/7 so you can crack while you’re asleep. You can buy cheap RDPs at

  1. select your config in the dropdown menu and set the threads and list position you want.


  1. Load the combo you need.

  1. Load your proxies. STORM can run with 3 proxies at once.
  2. Set a suitable amount of Thread depending on your PC specs
  3. Click Start

Once STORM starts running all the accounts cracked will be saved to a txt file.

You can also see the list of cracked/hits accounts on the main page of STORM.

Happy learning!


Nice share :slight_smile:

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Hi Hanna. Can you go into a bit more detail sweety because for some of us we are new to the world of scripts and the likes. Thanks


Great beginner guide! Great intro to entry level cracking :grin:

Thanks for this, I need one help, check your DM.