The Complete Basic Tutorial Of Kali Linux | Hindi/Urdu

Course Topics:

1.Introduction To Hacking

2.Create a Virtual machine Environment

3.Use Kali Linux & Network Security

4.Updating Repositories and Installing Virtualbox addition Tools

5.Installing Kali in VMWARE Workstation + Google advance Searching

6.Find people online and learn Kali Command

7.What is Cookies Operating system and how to install VMware

8.What is Keylogger and How To Use Linux Directories Terminals

9.Use RAT by Kali Linux Commands

10.Become Anonymous Online TOR VPN Proxy and Linux command

11.Hack a website with Havji Using Kali Linux

12.use Proxychains on Kali Linux

13.Configure VPN And DNS

14.MacChanger On Kali Linux Repeat Proxychains

15.Use NMAP

16.Use GeoIP

17.Introduction to Wireless and Debian

18Sniff And Windows Tools Cain-and- Able

19.Protocol Administration Tools RAT

20.Learn about Wireless Terminology.

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