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What Is Google Dorks?

Google Dorking also known as “Google Hacking” is a technique used to utilize Google’s search services
to research data and files through the use of different search operators. With Google Dorks you’ll get
more precise search results. For example, we can restrict google to only show us PDF files in our search

Is Google Dorks Illegal?

Not at all, this is just another way of searching for information on the Internet. Of course, a person
with common sense knows when something begins to become illegal and unethical. Such as obtaining data for malicious

Search Operators

A search operator is a character or a string of characters used in a search engine query to narrow down the focus of your search for precise search results.

Basic Search Operators:

site:” Only shows you search results from the chosen site.

Example: **site:**

inurl:” Find pages with a certain word (or words) in the URL. For this example, any results containing the word “inurl:apple-pie” in the URL will be returned. Now you’ll have new tasty recipes to try.

Example: inurl**:**apple-pie

intitle” - To search for the specified keyword in the title of the webpage.

Example: intitle:dictionary

intext:” This is to search for a keyword (or keywords) in the body of the webpage.

Example: intext:hogrider

filetype:” Restrict results to a certain filetype E.g., PDF, DOCX, TXT, PPT, etc.

Example: genetic engineering filetype:ppt

You can use this to find lessons, books, documents, texts, power points, etc.

You can learn more about search operators here:…arch-operators/

I do not promote or encourage any illegal activities, all content provided is meant for educational purposes only. I’m not responsible for how the users apply the given information.

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