The Basic Of Cracking FAQ | Beginners

What are configs?

What are configs? Configs are configuration files for the program Sentry MBA, BlackBullet, Woxy, OpenBullet etc in extension .ini., loli, lolix or some other
Configs contain information without which the acquiring accounts of the service would not be
possible. They are one of the most important parts of this program.

What are hashes?
What are hashes? Hash is a kind of changing passwords for security needs. There are different types
of hashes, but how do I know type of hash? There is an excellent website to check hash types (click).

What are proxies?
What are proxies? It is a proxy server that performs call on your behalf. There are .ini files that do not
need proxies to work; we call them proxyless configs. We can scrape proxies via software, but also
we can find them on websites like that. You can also buy better proxies on sites like that.

What is scraping? Is it better than other methods?
What is scraping? Is that better than other methods? It is suitable for beginners, but there is very little
chance of finding interesting account. A more advanced, which uses most of the crackers is SQLI
injection. It involves the exploitation of databases.

What is Sandboxie?
Sandboxie is a software that allows you to run software in a sandbox. What does it mean? It means
that any malicious software should not go outside this sandbox and infect your computer. Why I said
shouldn’t? Well, it is easy to bypass Sandboxie, and some of the malicious software creators already
did it, that is why you can use Virtualbox.

What is Virtualbox?
It is a virtual machine that allows you to install on it any operating system. You can install Virtualbox
on your PC with Windows 10, and as your virtual machine, you can select Windows 7 or for example
Kali Linux. If you will run malicious software on the virtual machine, there is no possibility to get your
real PC infected.