Thanks 1Hack

I just wanna say thanks for everything u provide here on fco, ftu & 1hack. I’m just one month old user yet these websites have helped me a ton. Thanks for all the courses u provide on ur websites for free. Hope one day u will also share trick to download these courses from any paid membership site. Again thanks for everything.


As we all know, that we are no more linked with FTU, FCO & NP, but the Front that Team is currently holding on to is really worth having an eye to, and we all have the good faith on em. :woman_student: :man_student:

We hope to see you around helping other 1Hackers with their queries, have a nice stay here! :slight_smile:


wait wat? sir, what do you mean you have no more to do with FTU, FCO & NP?

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Yeah, he said enough.

It’s mean this Forum not related to belongs to Linked to FTU, FCO & NP anymore, and if you all mind to read the FAQ once, I don’t think you will be able to push any statements here, all answers available in the FAQ already that I made for everyone to read and get learned before getting started here.

All those websites separated, but doing the best at their place, we are not here to keep anything on behalf of them, No requests, no content requests, no courses discussion, no courses material, Etc. but you all can personally visit them and encourage the hard work they are doing.

This Forum is Legal since it named 1Hack, we are running it considering the Motto > 1Hack < Tips, tricks, Hacks, Tutorials, (not as in courses) tutorials that explain the tricks about hacking, setting up things, etc! So kindly, cooperate with us by not pushing any discussion on illegal stuff or material.

Lastly, I would like to thanks all of the forum members for being part of this platform and having faith in us, We are glad we are doing our best services here, @Sci_Guy thanks for kind words and thoughts, We appreciate that and honor it, Have a nice day and have fun around everyone. :+1:


this website is legit! Information is wealth and thanks @SaM for the tons of information which you guys shared here.