Team drive sync with other cloud drives

I have seen methods to create team drives and methods to get onedrive cloud space. So how to sync two team drives together or with other cloud drives?

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AFAIK, there isn’t any general way of doing that .In case of google drive from one TD to other TD you can use autorclone, gclone, folderclone, Airexplorer(limited to 750gb/day), mixplorer(Android app) .from any cloud to onedrive there is a site you can also use Multicloud to sync b/w cloud drives but it is limited to 30Gb/mo (for free account). I Hope you understand me !


Thanks for the response. Aren’t these methods require one to be a G suite admin? The trick to get a free team drives shared here on onehack makes us the manager and not the admin. So will these methods work?

No! You don’t need to be Gsuite Admin. Just the owner right(which you will get when you make one) on both TDs is enough.

I don’t think allow team drives…

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