Subzy | Subdomain Takeover Vulnerability Tool

Subdomain takeover tool which works based on matching response fingerprints from can-i-take-over-xyz


go get -u -v go install -v[email protected]

If $GOBIN and $GOPATH are properly set, execute the program as:


If you get an error exec format error: ./subzy, you need to install Golang for your OS and compile the program by running go build subzy.go which will generate new subzy binary file


Only required flag is either --target or --targets

--target (string) - Set single or multiple (comma separated) target subdomain/s
--targets (string) - File name/path to list of subdomains
--concurrency (integer) - Number of concurrent checks (default 10)
--hide_fails (boolean) - Hide failed checks and invulnerable subdomains (default false)
--https (boolean) - Use HTTPS by default if protocol not defined on targeted subdomain (default false)
--timeout (integer) - HTTP request timeout in seconds (default 10)
--verify_ssl (boolean) - If set to true, it won’t check site with invalid SSL


Target subdomain can have protocol defined, if not http:// will be used by default if --https not specifically set to true.

  • List of subdomains
    • ./subzy -targets list.txt
  • Single or multiple targets
    • ./subzy -target
    • ./subzy -target,


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