Still can't let go of Windows 7? Here's a hack to further extend your eligibility for security updates

Bypass Windows 7 Extended Security Updates Eligibility

# Bypass Windows ESU

  • A project to bypass Extended Security Updates eligibility check for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Win7/Win2k8R2 official support and updates ended on 14 January 2020.

However, Microsoft will provide additional 3 years of security updates to the organizations and businesses which have paid the license for the ESU.
More details:

This project helps bypassing this restriction and install ESU updates without purchasing a license, as a proof of concept, non-profit, consumer-targeted.

## Important Notes

  • ESU updates are not supported offline (you cannot integrate them), they must be installed online on live system.
  • The ESU eligibilty is only checked during update installation, therefore, you can choose to keep the bypass installed, or remove it afterwards.
  • The bypass will only allow to install the ESU updates, it will not permit to get the updates themselves via Windows Update.

or follow this MDL thread

## How to Use

  • Extract the pack contents to a folder with simple path
  • Install: right-click on installer.bat and “Run as administrator”
  • Remove : right-click on remover.bat and “Run as administrator”
  • Note: If you have previous version(s) installed, you don’t need to remove it separately,
    scripts from latest version can be used to remove previous versions, or install on top of them.

## More Info

  • The project supports all Win7/Win2k8R2 editions , it consist of two tools that work in similar concept:

for ESU-supported editions, Custom slc.dll will be used

for all other editions, IFEO BypassESU.dll will be used

you can also force the use of BypassESU.dll for ESU-supported editions:
edit installer.bat prior running, and change set ForceHook to 1

  • ESU-supported editions:

Client: Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate (including N and E variants)

Server: Standard, Datacenter, Enterprise (including Full, Core and without Hyper-V variants)

  • ESU bypass tools comparison:

------------------- | -------------- | ------------------ | -------------------------

Compare / Tool Custom slc.dll IFEO BypassESU.dll Avfr gesu.dll (deprecated)
Supported Editions ESU-supported ALL ALL
AV Interoperability Safe Unfriendly Friendly
Performance Impact None Slight to None Slowdown TrustedInstaller
------------------- -------------- ------------------ -------------------------
  • Avfr gesu.dll is deprecated and no longer works.
  • Source code included in bin\src folder
  • For extra info, see ReadMe.txt

## Credits

  • Custom slc.dll : IMI Kurwica
  • BypassESU.dll : MDL Collaborators
  • superUser : mspaintmsi


   File: BypassESU-v4.7z
  SHA-1: 1ab6da15de065e0d5a414293902b671de11bb067
SHA-256: be52204bd904643afb45f0fe0321e31942476a8819a8dd6e441040a90e377027

7z file password: 2020…mwl444zhvr1ii07dz0w023&file_id=f_600531452819

Source: abbodi1406 & notebookcheck