Stay Safe Online By Following These Tips 💯

Use VPN its pretty important.

  • iPredator (Sweden)
  • Mullvad (Sweden)
  • ProtonVPN (Switzerland)
  • ExpressVPN (British Virgin Islands)
  • NordVPN (Panama) - LQ but adding it

Also use Tauils to use your own proxy/vpn setup using linux scripts and VPS

Email Providers


  • Always use cryptos. Don’t use PayPal.


  1. Always get WHOIS privacy even if you’ll have to pay extra for it

  2. Use a sandbox / RDP to test any program and always scan (can use virus total) and keep your system clean of malware. Malware bytes is a must and keys are not that expensive

  3. It never hurt to use Virus total to scan any programs etc for all kinds of stuff people jack in them.

Happy learning!