Start Making Money From YouTube With TikTok Videos ✨

1: Computer
2: Good private VPN / USA Proxy
3: Emulator
4: Time

1: download one emulator ( you can use this one )
2: start the emulator and download tiktok on the emulator
3: select USA on your vpn and connect
4: once you downloaded tiktok create an account ( use temp mail )
5: start browsing the fyp
6: once you see something interesting or eye catching stop and copy the link
7: open a browser in your main system ( aka not the emulator )
8: go to this site and start downloading the tiktoks
9: get at least 10 or 20 good videos
10: start uploading them on youtube as shorts and upload them multiple times so you get about 100 videos

More Traffic

1: get some good keywords that kids would probably type / search
( like discord nitro , toys , fortnite etc )
2: put some unique titles
3: get some good thumbnails
4: wait for the traffic



main thing is that from where we can get traffice, and what is the purpose of using emulator on pc while each person has android phone, And can share links easily so please share the way of more traffic.