Spotify Premium | Binning Tutorial

  1. Go to this luhn bank-card generator - here

  2. Enter the BIN: 534642

  3. Generate 1 random bank-card with the bank identification number of 534642.

  4. Register on Spotify and then choose country Angola, enter the bank-card and begin the Spotify trial.

Explanation and Analysis:

This is not carding, or complex in any means necessary, this is an example of binning payment gateways in which no specific individual is affected. Binning attacks are the act of finding vulnerable banks which authorise cards even when they do not have an owner, they normally fail all paid payments (if you are not into extrapping).

This is an example of a binning attack which works on Braintree, any generated card from this BIN, on a braintree gateway will pre-authorise and give the response (1000 - Approved). Allowing individuals to signup and make use of a free-trial.

Extrapping is the act of taking apart a bank-cards pattern, not one specific individual is affected, and can allow paid payments to be authorised from cards which are owned by no one, the payment provider however approves the payment. An example of this is in September 2019, in which a corporate amex was extrapped, which allowed thousands of people including myself to make payments on cards which were owned by no one. I made great use of the vulnerability for two weeks buying 1 Million reddit coins and then giving them away for free, est. worth of $2000.

Hope this helps you grow your understanding, of binning, extrapping!



Thank you for the post …

Just to let you all know that , this bin works in Guitar tricks trial (2-weeks ) (
anyone interested can try …
Thank you :heart:

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Hello thanks for the post but where can i know more about extrapping

Did it work on Netflix for you?

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Not working for me. Changed country and checked all the CC for live, still not working.
Can you please describe step guide?

Any other free websites to learn guitar

@Nischay_Patel , If you fail, try to use:
-different email, non-temp (gmail, yahoo, aol, outlook)
-different generated card
-different IP (change country, location, city, or USA state)
-diffferent VPN provider (IPVanish, Cyberghost, Pure, etc.)
-different device (android, iOS, laptop, PC, Mac)
-try again later, some other time

1 month
3 days
I PM’ed you a Skillshare account


@dave_w No Vpn will Work on Spotify, as it detects it very easily. Using RDP can still help.

I didn’t try for it …

I just started to learn guitar, after guitar tricks, I think Justin guitar can be another option which has free beginner lessons.

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Thanks for recommendation

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anyone dm me on how to get 3 months trial? needed urgently

thanks for share

Can we use it on existing account.

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