[SOLVED] Which paid/free method is best to get initial Google Play App Installs and reviews?


I have recently published an app related to programming tutorials. I need initial installs and reviews so that it can start ranking in google play store. I know Google Ads is good, but do you know any other paid/free way to get those initial install for the app to rank?

I have searched and found these below websites, but I don’t know whether these are scams/bot. Don’t want to lose money on fake installs. Have you tried any of these with good effect or any other way to get good installs/reviews for a new app? I tried searching for any gig in Fiverr too but no one look that good. Let me know your suggestion. Thanks!

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#1 The Story, if you are free read it, it will help you!

First off, I don’t trust websites for app promotion, marketing, or review. I had terrible experience with them on several occasions that I now gave up using those so-called “best” websites.

You know, as for the reviews, I remember I once approached a website. And they gave me fake and utterly bogus reviews that drop in just 24 hours.

I contact that website and they gave me a refill. But guess what? Those refilled reviews continued dropping, and surprisingly, that website stopped responding to my mails.

Since then, I no longer buy reviews from any websites. You know, if you go through any website that sell Reviews, you will notice that they all offer a “refill” guarantee.

And do you know why?

Because they know that their software-generated reviews are gonna drop out soon. And hence, they give a refill guarantee in the first place. And it totally sucks.

So, I would recommend you NOT to use those website.

#2 The Recommendation Part!

I myself now work with a freelancer who gives genuine reviews from real users. He has a social-media group full of highly engaged audience from all over the world.

So, if your app is not any country-specific, like TransferWise is only for European s, then you can buy from him with full confidence.

He gives you real installs and reviews from real users who have a regular activity on Google play store.

There will be no VPNs, Bots, or any kind of software. Real people from all over the world will install and review your app.

The price of his service is also quite reasonable. And the best thing is that he doesn’t give any “Refill” guarantee, or fake “refund” guarantee and stop replying to mails. He rather do the work first and then send you invoice. If satisfied by the work, you pay his charge, or you refuse it.

I don’t remember his name, but you can find many good vendor at seoclerk.com/?query=app+review & fiverr.com/search/gigs?query=app+review+download

https://appfollow.io/pricing << I like this one personally, have a look at it! :slight_smile:

#3 Other WorkArounds!

Happy users are less likely to rate an app, while unhappy ones will rate your app one star and write a review detailing their complaint. For iOS, you can fix it by sending in-app rating requests using StoreKit framework. This method allows users to rate your app without leaving it, which helps increase the number of ratings and reviews dramatically.

However, embedding an in-app rating feature increases your chances of getting both positive and negative reviews. Timing is key when considering to implement the in-app rating requests in order to get more positive ones. Don’t interrupt users while they are interacting with your app – for example, playing a game or writing a note. The perfect moment to send the rating request is after they’ve successfully completed a task or passed a game level.

Although in-app native rating requests are available only for iOS, you can create customized requests for Android.

Getting more app reviews you’ll need to implement reply to reviews strategy. Check out my blog post How and why to reply to reviews in App Store and Google Play and choose the right one for you.

#4 The best way is legit way! :+1:

So focus on:

  1. Title
  2. Description (including keywords)
  3. Reviews
  4. Ratings

Once your app is launched, you need to encourage users to rate and review it.

This helps your ranking tremendously.

Just be careful not to send users a notification to rate or review it too soon.

How can someone give a realistic review if they’ve only had it on their phone for an hour or two?

They can’t.

Make sure the description focuses on all the advantages of your app as well.

Include some information about your company.

Use friendly words and short sentences so you don’t confuse users or turn them away from downloading it.


Now that your app has officially launched, it’s time to start getting downloads on the Google Play Store.

One of the best ways to do this is by making sure that your app doesn’t have bugs and it’s a high quality product.

You should join communities with other developers to gain valuable insight on how to be successful in this space.

Find beta testers to get feedback and make improvements for your app as well.

Get creative with your marketing efforts.

Use free giveaways, events, and other strategic methods to create brand awareness.

Stay active on social media and promote your app through all of those channels.

Try to partner with a celebrity or social influencer to market your app and get more downloads.

Reach out to magazines and early adapter websites to promote your product before it launches.

Make sure you understand how the Google Play Store optimization plays a factor on your app’s ranking.

Last quick note – Gaining users is important, but keeping them is even more important. Keep an eye for our future articles about retaining users after the initial download.

Extras Tips!

Create Wonderful Videos of your apps or games - Nowadays most of the people use Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. You can also use You Tube. Make a video of your apps or games and share it on You Tube. From these, Social website you will get more users for your apps or games. On the other social website like Facebook, twitter and Google plus you also share this video.

Publish Your App on Different App Stores - Most of the developer publish their apps only on one channel which they think it will a low-level competition and there will get a higher position on this play store. And you also localize your app and make it in different languages. So you will get more users for your apps.