[SOLVED] Which Indian college provide .edu email for lifetime

My collage didn’t provide .edu account because our network admin was dehati and lazy, even after asking multiple times he didn’t provide any. I need to know where should I apply to some cheap/less period course in some university for .edu mail lifetime expiry.
Can anybody recommend me some college that provide .edu email for lifetime, so that I can enroll to them and what should I pursue there for the sake of getting that .edu email id.

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i think National Institiute provide with .edu mail .

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don’t expect Indians to give anything for free … we just take free not give free…
even if people give you list of college …i don’t think college authorities will give you edu mail unless you get admission there personally …
only reputable colleges provide edu mail
the best you can do is borrow , a frnd of mine study in gla university …i borrowed from him and use it like my own …


this guy wants to get enrolled in a college IRL just to get edu mail xD
i am with you

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*secure lifetime edu mail, benefits are boundless especially for CS field guys.

IITs/IIms/nits / some premier clg provide edu mail

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I have an edu mail of my college but in india most of the universities and colleges don’t use .edu as their mail instead they use .ac.in. I have my mail with this domain. So its hard to find an edu mail in india without taken admission in the college

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There are many if you google >>> https://www.google.com/search?q=allinurl%3A.edu.in

Bu the email address they provide is 1****[email protected]
This email account is usually valid only while you are a student of that institute, I hope you know that! :slightly_frowning_face: