[SOLVED] What is this error on my checker?

What is this error in my cc checker and how can i fix this?

May be your proxies are invalid or a custom error.

  • Not all proxies pass along detectable information.

You need addon, which runs multi-threaded connections and can retrieve the Dead or Alive status for bulk check, a list of domains or URL’s per minute.


The simplest was is to simply catch the IOError exception from urllib:

except IOError:
    print "Connection error! (Check proxy)"
    print "All was fine"

for python 3, check below link


Thanks. If i send u a api of the checker can you find the problem for me please!

  • How to code this, can you help me with a coding script? I am stuck with a code, now what to do? <<< Please, avoid asking such deep programming language questions, as there is already a website dedicated for this stackoverflow ! :slightly_frowning_face:

thanks. that was fixed!

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