[SOLVED] Suggest me Live Meeting Software that works on Slow internet

Hello Friends, I have been requested by one institution to conduct online classes on some programming subjects online because most of the schools are closed these days. Therefore, institutions want to execute their classes online and they are connecting with teachers or professionals who are versed in online training.

The problem is that Internet speed these days is variable. Kindly suggest me a software, which can work perfectly fine even on slower internet speed. Although I have a broadband speed of 25mbps, which is usually consistent, however, it is not promising all the time, I don’t want to take chance.

Looking forward to seeing your professional guidance.

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Hi !, U can use Jitsi for video conference & Callings https://jitsi.org/

  1. Jitsi
  2. Tox (qtox)
  3. Ekiga
  4. Zoom
  5. Skype
  6. Discord
  7. Microsoft Teams

I would Say Discord Because i Am Also Using Slow Internet Speed. I Use Discord Everyday And I Use It For Screen Sharing And Also for Video Call. It’s Pretty Good And No Lag.

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I did not find any option in discord for video calling. Is it a paid option in Discord? If it is paid, has it to be purchased by every user?

I have participated several meetings with zoom from Mobile Internet. This always worked well.

You Can See here video call…You Can Create Group And Also Video Call

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The 11 best video conferencing apps

  1. FaceTime for one-to-one calls
  2. Gruveo for in-browser calls
  3. Slack for calls with team chat
  4. Zoom for reliability
  5. Google Hangouts for quick calls from a Google calendar
  6. GoToMeeting for professional video conferencing
  7. Amazon Chime for scheduled events
  8. BlueJeans for supporting multiple devices
  9. Pexip for presentations
  10. Join.me for screensharing
  11. WebEx for whiteboarding

For more insights check the below link!



I purchased zoom services.


thanks a ,ot man. this is very useful

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