[SOLVED] SMS- Bomber & Call-Flooder

Hi Everyone!! Can anyone explain me how the SMS- Bomber or the Call- Flooding works?
I did find the topic here but it is just a method to do. As it is my first post, please i kindly request you all to correct me.

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Check the links below, it will help you to know the actual concept!

Sms bomber working - How Does SMS bombing spam works?


sms bomber and flooder generally refers to spamming a phone number with many texts in a really limited time. The text may be custom or be some OTP codes or something like that. It’s generally done when an hacker takes over an messaging protocol over a website.

typical bombers uses the OTP feature of a website, so they make a web requests to the website with a victim’s mobile number and then the website send an OTP to that mobile number,
mulitply this with as many websites as you want and then the victims will be bombarded with SMS & CALL OTPs

rare bombers uses twilio to buy legit numbers and then use then as bombers

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