[SOLVED] Poker solver for free?

Is there a way we can get any of these poker solvers for free?



Just clicking on the first one they seem to have a free version

Free version works only for one specific flop unfortunately.


Trial apps

PokerTracker 4 is the software for professional players with all the required toolkits and features. Its place in the top 5 is well earned. The 30-day free trial of PT4 will be enough to show you how powerful this tool can be in the right hands.

Poker Leak Buster is a powerful poker analysis software which analyzes all of the poker hands that a player has played at an online poker room. It interfaces with two of the most popular poker database applications, holdem manager (which it’s integrated directly into the software as an application), and PokerTracker. It located leaks (errors) in a players game, and teaches them how to correct those leaks through helpful tips, poker videos, and written modules.

You can download free trial here:
Poker Tracking Software| Poker Tracker Database

If you want an easy way to speed up your profit and maximize your strategy, Drive HUD is the poker software for you. It allows you to track both your moves and your opponents’, so that you can use their tricks against them. Just visit them at drivehud.com and enjoy a 30-day free trial.

You can learn equities for free by running your hand-histories through a free simulator such as ProPokerTools Online Simulator / Equity Calculator. Once you are more familiar with the concept of equities and exhaustive sims, you can then venture into solvers.

If you want to learn Poker, I suggest you check the tools available on PokerStrategy - PokerStrategy.com - The World’s Leading Online Poker Strategy School. You can learn poker and become better for free, even get some money to play with. Their system is so good that they trust that if you learn from them to play poker you will become a winning poker player and generate revenue from them via their partnerships. The free money they give you will help you start without investing own funds.

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Simple Postflop allows to solve turns on rivers on any board for free https://simplepoker.com/en/Solutions