[SOLVED] Outlook Issues

Last month I have install Windows 10 one of my co-worker. After that I install MS office 2016, we have a problem to configuring our mail server, we have our email server at CPanel from web hosting company, I am configuring emails in Outlook but sending me an error SMTP sending and receive fail. I call to web hosting company they take my public IP and update it and it work fine, next day same issue again. They told me my public IP is black listed.

I also send my SMTP port details by sending my email server details to check out my SMTP port status for Internet Service Provider.

Yesterday my co-worker have a problem in error ms office appvisvsubsystems32.dll I uninstall ms office and I install ms office 2013 but when I am opening outlook, it is finding my default account not giving me option to add or create account.

Kindly guide me where I am wrong, how I can resolve this issue.

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What’s the configuration of your PC?

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Intel core i5 3 generation 4gb RAM 320 HDD
I don’t understand I have configure many email server but this time I am fed up solving this issue since last 4-5 weeks, Actually this is not my PC it my co-worker PC.

Clean install Windows 64 Bit Professional and make certain you delete the old partition and create new one. Install MS Office 2019 and use Webroot Secure Anywhere.

While establishing internet connection, change the DNS server. Cloud flare is recommended.


Switch the email host to reputed companies google business email or zoho mail. Zoho mail got free account but has 5GB limit. While Google is arorunt 3$ per month and gives you 30 gb and ahs best spam filter.