[SOLVED] Need suggestions on RDP

â€Ķ if you are using already plzzz share the name of it I want to buy some reasonable price RDP with good configurations :blush::grin::grin:

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dude can you tell me what is this rdp?

Remote Desktop Protocol

mean you can control any computer?

HostDZire | Regular Rdp #1 | ₮6.99 | Value for Money | Used by my colleagues | They are happy :smiley:

WIN-VPS.eu You have to try, but the quoted prices are fair enough, nothing more cheap you can get! :neutral_face:


Thank you @TheJoker â€ĶI will definitely try one of those :grinning:

$6.99 price per month?

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Maybe open the link and check the website?

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awesome. i like hostDzire

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@ anyone. Where can I buy rdp with admin access with bitcoin

HostDZire accepts bitcoins as payment! :+1:

Not anyone. Just google what is RDP and ots benifits.