[SOLVED] Need Rapidgator bypass downloader

Hi all, I almost use so many premium generators but I don’t download lot of the things.
I have a problem faced when file size is big and multiple files not able to downloads frequently.

I tried cookies based also that also not well. So please suggest any other idea to download a file frequently. any bypass application is there?

Like I said 100 times before, If you guys mind to Search before asking anything that would be much easier, It will save yours and our time. Because how many times anyone keep pushing the final answers over here. I mean just imagine how it sounds when a newbie sees 4 duplicate topic of same thing that repeated thoughtlessly.

Look, you’re welcome to ask for help, But do it correctly, follow rules and if your question is legit and you didn’t find anything related to it, then ask freely. It’s my humble request.

Kindly Follow The Only & Possible Solutions:

Good luck! :+1: