[SOLVED] Need help to chose my new computer

Greeting of the day, dear 1HACK community,

These days I’m looking to buy a new computer, I already know which performance I want:

1 - An H or HQ I7 processor, with at least 8 to 12 cores.
2 - An Hybrid storage System (SDD/HDD).
3 - 16 Giga Memory (At least).
4 - A 15" screen dimensions.
5 - For the graphic cards, I am not looking for something so powerful.

Because new computers with these performances are expensive, so, I want to buy a used one, please guys advise me on what I have to look when I’ll chose a used computer?


Please gentlemen help!

I guess building the computer yourself is better than buying an old one(in terms of both perfomance and cost) You can find many guides on youtube. You can also buy used parts on ebay if you want to save some money.
Its just my opinion. Correct me if im wrong.

Build your pc parts list from here:
Check out pc posts from reddit here: (Assuming you’re in India)
Match your liking.


@rawn7702 I was about type the same! :slight_smile:

pcpartpicker have Completed Builds as well, just use filters to get the best! :+1:


Yup! Nice suggestion. @Mr.Brilliant


I see that you are looking for a laptop based on screen dimension and the processor
if you want a used laptop you should check something local … or provide where you live so maybe if someone from your area knows a good place … even local online websites would be better …
it seems that you have your specifications settled > so just find whatever matches your requirements …


Yes, Exactly I am talking about a Laptop, so my concerne is there any way to know form how much this computer was used, and do I have to check for something before I’ll by it?

Let me put it in Short.

  1. Never buy used, 2nd hand laptop from the market, if you don’t have such experience on anything to cross-check or deal with them (In fact, they won’t let you do much checking while buying) I have experience, I’m telling you this due to many several reasons behind the scene, one of them is, you never stop regretting yourself if you made any mistake, like ‘‘Oh what I have done to just save some sum I have ruined what I had’’ because no guarantee of anything you would ever claim to them, so never buy 2nd hand laptop from the market without any experience. the most of laptop are serviced to act as good for a short while and they will cause trouble later. I know a Brand new can do that too but at-least you have guarantee to claim directly to company or a shop with the witnesses documents.

  2. Buy 2nd hand, used laptop, only if your friend has it, you can buy it from a friend, obviously a good friend, because good friends never let you lose anything. he/she might be trustworthy they can even tell you the truth if anything not working or get stuck before you buy anything from them.

  3. If you want Computer/LCD thing, then you can buy it from the market, 2nd hand, used whatever, you cab grab a good one considering above specs. or built your own.

Lastly, Buy a Brand new laptop, no matter 5th generation but buy a new one. Look, you’re asking for suggestions, everyone here will suggest you what they probably think of buying themselves they are good with suggestions but including me we can’t read your mind or your need.

So my humble Opinion > Just consider your need, what specifications you want at least, consider your budget, consider your tasks, internet browsing, video editing, software creation, encoding, coding,? what you want to do on the machine? anything from 5th generation might be useful at least, how many cores, how many rams, that depends on you to chose, just go with anything, which suits to your task. HDD, Ram, Processor, what capacity you want that’s your choice.

Furthermore > Just pick the right one. I recommend HP, Intel, Internal Boot > SSD, External > HDD (Capacity you chose) AMD not recommended. and the minimum built-in graphic Chip would be 2 GB on any motherboard which support 5th generation processors, so you already planned for i7 so it would be good.

Good luck! :+1: