[SOLVED] need for graphic texture

I am a graphics designer but still have no success and not make a single penny. But i am trying in some freelance design site. recently i have a an access to the amazon merch account for creating t shirt. I need some awesome texture to add into my tshirt designs which will looks great illustration. I am searching those texture online since 3-4 years but no result. so can you help me to get this texture?
here is the link- https://thevectorlab.com/collections/big-t-shirt-design-bundles/products/the-big-5-t-shirt-design-bundle-for-adobe

You can give a search on these websites!

This one sub cheap and they also got too many psd t shirt designs…

http://xtragfx.com/index.php?do=search&subaction=search&story=t+shirt+bundle# <<< need to register to search and download, but make a temp account there, do not use original email:pass

Note: Download at your risk, we do not own any of these websites!


@TheJoker @SaM
I did’t find in those websites that I am looking for. I searched before in those websites. actually i don’t need other t-shirt design collection. Because if i use others design i’ll get banned from amazon. So, I need the grunge texture inside this graphic collection. These grunge texture really awesome. I want to put those grunge into my deisgns. thanks for the help.

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thanks bro. I am searching for this for months now.

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can i ask what type of printer you use for you design tshirt? and how much it cost

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i don’t print t-shirt. I design only. rest amazon done for us. they print they sell to the buyer and give us commission for every print. @neospace

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