[SOLVED] Looking to make some money online! Broke, in debt and unemployed

Hello everyone,

I’m new here and this is my first post. I am looking to make some money online. even if just $50 or even just $20/day. I am broke, in debt and unemployed. Looking for a mentor that will teach/guide me, as a thank you I am offering 25% of my earnings for the first 3 months of making money. Please holler if you can help me!

Thank you in advance,



Or make some edu emails and sell them on ebay.


Yeah, i´m on it. Sold 3 yesterday on my country´s “ebay”.


Dang. Good to see you’re doing well and that too due to this forum. More power to you!

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Learn programming man sky is the limit trust me. You can 150K easy if u r in the USA and Europe if not there r other platforms. You can become web developer, Android developer,.net developer, ML engineer, Data scientist, firmware engineer, developer, penetration tester, Soc analyst, Administrator, Graphic designer and I can write 100 more. Go to udemy.com choose your course for $10 if u don’t have $10 then copy name of course and then go to https://torrentz2.eu/ paste the name in search bar and bam u got the course


That’s a lot to ask! XD

Anyways, check this out…


@steve_gee Ping me on Skype, We’ll discuss on a work. i’ll pay for it. Skype ID : parthsolanki_1

I have faced a similar problem where I was getting calls from the creditors but looking at it now after following the steps, my problem got solved to an extent



Start Web Hosting Business From Home and Earn Money.
I started this Business just 3, 4 months before in just 50$ & now Im earning my living. Thanks God.
here is my Web Hosting Business Site. https://nethostking.com
I’m getting daily orders (Automatically) & I just have to approve the order & Earned.
No need to ship or something like that.
Little bit Technical Knowledge required about Web. Thats it.


How to start this business ?

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Hi Zubair,
All the best in your business.

I’m interested in this area, Isn’t it a bit difficult even if you have a technical knowledge ? Are you relying on a cloud provider under the hood ? ( I’m a devops guy by the way )


I create the account but whenever i try to register in second link then they show no user is found . so what i do please suggest me

This business can be easily started but ofcourse you have a bit knowledge how to host a website, how to use c-panel. Because 99% customers just buy hosting & they know how to manage their c-panel. But there are 1% client who asks, please help me to host my website or create a database for me. So, you have to solve his query! But thats rare…

Im also a developer & running this business easily. because everything’s solution is available at internet. By the way if you are unable to solve, help is provided on the spot. So not to worry…!!!

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For how much?

For me i was in the same position, what I’ve done, I’ve started by mining bitcoines,

You can download, this Browser, then directly start mining, as of yesterday 1 BTC = almost 9 000$

Download Like

have you tried to WITHDRAW the bitcoin you’ve earned?
I’m asking this coz these things are FAKE.
You can’t make BITCOIN with your browser.

Seriously it is not fake, as you can see below, I mined for almost three days and I withdrew two times,


I can not take a snapshot of my wallet, because Kaspersky is preventing this!

Just download this browser LINK and share it with your friend and family and you’ll accelerate your earning.

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how much can u earn like 1 day =?

If you look to my recent replay, you’ll see that, the first withdraw was on the 2 march, then the second was on the third and in one day (8 hours) i almost earned 0.00004645 BTC, Really for a newbies to online making this teachnic is a good point to start , just download this Browser Link and start mining and share with your friends and family to speed up things.

you are right i am also using this browser but my speed is slow, dont know why. I earned 0.00004 in more than 15 days.