[SOLVED] Looking to make some money online! Broke, in debt and unemployed

Hello everyone,

I’m new here and this is my first post. I am looking to make some money online. even if just $50 or even just $20/day. I am broke, in debt and unemployed. Looking for a mentor that will teach/guide me, as a thank you I am offering 25% of my earnings for the first 3 months of making money. Please holler if you can help me!

Thank you in advance,



Or make some edu emails and sell them on ebay.


Yeah, i´m on it. Sold 3 yesterday on my country´s “ebay”.


Dang. Good to see you’re doing well and that too due to this forum. More power to you!

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Learn programming man sky is the limit trust me. You can 150K easy if u r in the USA and Europe if not there r other platforms. You can become web developer, Android developer,.net developer, ML engineer, Data scientist, firmware engineer, developer, penetration tester, Soc analyst, Administrator, Graphic designer and I can write 100 more. Go to udemy.com choose your course for $10 if u don’t have $10 then copy name of course and then go to https://torrentz2.eu/ paste the name in search bar and bam u got the course


That’s a lot to ask! XD

Anyways, check this out…


@steve_gee Ping me on Skype, We’ll discuss on a work. i’ll pay for it. Skype ID : parthsolanki_1

I have faced a similar problem where I was getting calls from the creditors but looking at it now after following the steps, my problem got solved to an extent

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Start Web Hosting Business From Home and Earn Money.
I started this Business just 3, 4 months before in just 50$ & now Im earning my living. Thanks God.
here is my Web Hosting Business Site. https://nethostking.com
I’m getting daily orders (Automatically) & I just have to approve the order & Earned.
No need to ship or something like that.
Little bit Technical Knowledge required about Web. Thats it.


How to start this business ?

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Hi Zubair,
All the best in your business.

I’m interested in this area, Isn’t it a bit difficult even if you have a technical knowledge ? Are you relying on a cloud provider under the hood ? ( I’m a devops guy by the way )


I create the account but whenever i try to register in second link then they show no user is found . so what i do please suggest me

This business can be easily started but ofcourse you have a bit knowledge how to host a website, how to use c-panel. Because 99% customers just buy hosting & they know how to manage their c-panel. But there are 1% client who asks, please help me to host my website or create a database for me. So, you have to solve his query! But thats rare…

Im also a developer & running this business easily. because everything’s solution is available at internet. By the way if you are unable to solve, help is provided on the spot. So not to worry…!!!

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