[SOLVED] I NEED to get a new @msn.com email

I’ve been locked out of my gmail after almost 15 years.
The problem is that i cannot unlock my Gmail unless i get back into my @msn.com account which i havent used for ages and the address is recycled. ANyone has any idea of how to get an @msn.com address account ?

-Help please


Download Windows xp Service Pack 1 ( Service Pack 1 Is A Must And Non Of The Other Versions Will Work ). There You Will See MSN Explorer, Open It And Create A Msn Account, You Will Get @msn.com Email With This Method Only. I Have One And I Used This Method. Good Luck.


Thank you my friend , ill check it as soon as possible.

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It doesnt seem to work for me .
The MSN explorer is asking for a modem which is impossible for me to install to my laptop ( probably a 56K modem ) .

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@CRPTG Before you wonder to have hope, You must read this and understand the terms & conditions.
read it carefully to get all your answers if recovering MSN mail are possible or not.

Remember, all those old trick methods are no longer working, so no need to bother yourself. a while back a firefox extension called Tamper (Video available at Youtube) which were worked for many peoples to access or create MSN mail near 2017, not sure if that extension still available or it does work, but as I said no tricks do work probably, the above guide can explain you the reasons behind. Good luck!

@msn.com addresses are for Microsoft employees only if it ever works. an account on the Microsoft Network aka Microsoft as from ISP.