[SOLVED] How to unlock bootloader of Huawei phone

I have a Huawei Honor Phone, I want unlock it’s bootloader for rooting the phone but Huawei currently stopped it’s official procedure for unlocking Huawei phones. So any unofficial way. If it has it would be beneficial and appreciated.

Only way right now seems to be paying someone to do it

As the Official method to Unlock Huawei Bootloader is discontinued, below are some other methods to unlock the bootloader.

Only Method: Unlock Bootloader using third-party Unlock Code:

Recently, Huawei has stopped providing bootloader unlock code to any Huawei device. In this scenario, third-party services came to rescue us. Earlier, there was no need to spend anything to get bootloader unlock code from Huawei, but now users need to spend up to $60 to get unlock code. Here we have few third-party sites offering Huawei bootloader unlock code at a few. All you want to do is provide your device IMEI number and they will send unlock code within 15 days.

Sites offering Bootloader Unlock Code

Steps to Unlock Huawei Bootloader:

Step 1: Get Bootloader Unlock code from above sites and save it somewhere safe.

Step 2: Now open the ADB and FASTBOOT folder and open the command window / PowerShell by holding SHIFT key + Press right click on the mouse.

Step 3: Turn off your device and boot into fastboot mode. To do so, you need to press Volume Up + Power button simultaneously. Alternatively, one can also enter the below command.

adb reboot bootloader

Step 4: Now unlock your device’s bootloader with this command line.

***fastboot oem unlock *********

Make sure to replace the ****** with the unique code which you saved in Step 1.

Step 5: Once it is done, you can reboot your phone. Now you can install TWRP Recovery, Custom Kernel, Root or even install Custom ROM. Enjoy!

Another Method: Unofficial Method to Unlock Bootloader

Recently, The Chinese manufacturer officially confirmed that it will end the support for unlockable bootloaders on May 24. The racket hits the devices that are launched after 24th of May 2018. Followed in 60 days for the devices released prior to that date. But don’t worry! You can still unlock bootloader on any Huawei device by using the below method.


  1. Please make sure you have a working data cable to carry out this procedure.
  2. Take a full backup of all your important data. This includes photos, videos, messages, contacts, etc.
  3. Charge your device to at least 75%.
  4. Download Huawei USB Drivers
  5. Enable developer options/ USB debugging & OEM unlock

Enabling Developer options in Android

  • Go To Settings -> About Phone -> Tap On “ Build Number ” 7 Times To Enable Developer Options .
  • Now Go To Developer Options -> Enable USB Debugging
  • Tick The “ Oem Unlock ” Checkbox


Download these files from the links given below.

Huawei_Android_phone_drivers Download
Download DC Huawei Bootloader Codes Apk Download
Download DC Unlocker Download DC-unlocker client
Download Unlock Bootloader Tool Download Huawei Unlock Booloader.zip

Installing Huawei_Android_phone_drivers

  • Download the Huawei_Android_phone_drivers from the link above.
  • Run “DriverSetup.exe” to install the driver

Buy Dc Unlocker Credit With Android App:-

  1. Download and install “ DC Huawei Bootloader Codes Android app “ from the link given above in downloads section.

  2. Open the downloaded apk file and install it on your device.

  3. Click on DC Unlocker Account.

  1. Type your email id and complete the payment processes.


  1. After successful payment; save the user password. You will need this while using DC unlocker pc app.


Get Huawei Bootloader Unlock Code With Dc Unlocker:-

  1. Download DC Unlocker Pc app from the links given in download section above. After download, extract the zip file.

  2. Run dc-unlocker2client.exe.

  3. Now go to the server tab and log in. You can use the user password which you got in DC Huawei Bootloader Codes Android app.


  1. Connect your device to pc and enable Manufacturer Mode.

Note: You can easily enable manufacturer mode by Typing ##2846579##** the in dial pad. After that click on Background settings > USB port settings > Manufacturer Mode.


  1. Select the Manufacturer type “ Huawei Phones” Model “Auto Detect”. After that click on the search button.


  1. Click on Unlocking Tab. After that choose Read Bootloader Code.


  1. Wait for some time to Unlock code to arrive. When it does, copy the data and save it in a notepad file.


Instructions to Unlock Bootloader:-

Most of the difficult task is completed not. This is the easy part.

  1. Download “ Huawei Unlock Booloader.zip “ from the downloads section above.

  2. Turn off your device.

  3. Put it in Fastboot mode. You can do by pressing Volume down + Power button at the same time.

  4. Connect your device to a PC with a working data cable.

  5. Paste The Unlock Code In Code In Cmd Window Hit Enter.

  6. That’s it! Just wait for a few minutes and your device will restart automatically.

Now you have Unlocked Bootloader of your Phone. Search on our website if your phone has root and Custom recovery.


I got a perfect guide from here that helped me a lot for unlocking the bootloader.