[SOLVED] How to start a t-shirt business?

Hello Guys, happy New year.
As the year has begun, I have made up my mind to start a business and I have settled on starting a t-shirt business where I will make my own designs and print them on a t-shirt and sell.

I have no knowledge on how to start this business however so I will very much appreciate it if someone pointed me in the right direction. What stuff do I need to get started ? What do I need to know ? And is it expensive to start such business?

Please any form of help will go a long way into me or anyone wanting to start a business and making a living thank you :pray::pray:


just google or youtube.
there are so many machinery involve like only print not embroidery and type of print be specific make budget and do research.

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teespring.com will be a great way to start. It’s a print on demand site. U just upload a design & they will handle a rest. If u don’t know how to make design then just hire a designer from fiverr.com & then get that designs & upload them on teespring. Once u start making sales on ur teespring store, u can buy a domain & create ur own self hosted store using shopify.

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At first,do research about it in google and youtube.
After that you will get a clear idea how should start. You can print them via print machine, for that you have to know about a printing system called ‘Screen print’. this printing system is mostly famous for Tshirt print. Or you can print via third party agency. Suppose you want to print one design 100 pcs, then you will order them and they will print for you.
Another important fact is the design of the tshirts.
If the desing won’t standard or attractive or trendy,that may not sell well. So you have to be a good designer. There are some other ways also. You can hire a freelancer designer also for doing your ideas into design. Fiverr is comparatively cheaper than other freelancing platform. After all of them,you need to do marketing well. You can use facebook,insta,twitter to promote your products.but having a separate website for your tshirt store is one of the professional way.
Btw,I am professional designer working in fiverr since 2016. If you need any design help,You can knock me.(though its kind of self marketing :p) but I can help you thats why mentioned it.
My fiverr profile: www.fiverr.com/mehedialhasan97

thank you for your feed back, i think this is great way to start as a beginner, i looked the website up and i think i will go with it. i am not a designer myself so i might need to higher one like you said. thank :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: you for this


thank you man for your reply. i will check your profile out , expect us to start business soon. thank you.

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Designing T-Shirts is easy. You just need to find the perfect niche that attracts buyers. There are numerous courses on the web that can help you with designing. However, the market is very saturated hence – in order to find the sweet spot – you need a great design that sells. I often see shirts with simple quote sell well. For example, with the coming of a new year, you can create shirts which have quotes regarding people’s new year resolution.

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Its my pleasure man. I will be there :slight_smile: