[SOLVED] How to resume downloading gdrive files (large files) with IDM?

I tried link sharing then copying its link while running download and replacing it in idm , but it doesn’t work and after several attempts it restarted downloading


How big is the file??
Because if it is less than 50gb, move it to Mega.nz using Multicloud.com, then it is too easy and comfortable to download using mega downloader or mega sync.


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And why don’t you use Google Sync? it’s better than other solutions. you can also try a browser like UC browser, it has a Built-in downloader that can allow you to resume downloading. IDM won’t let you resume links possibility.

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ive never heard of google sync :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: before …


ill try it …thankyou

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All you have to do is:

Right click on file in idm–> refresh download address option.

It will get open in Chrome. Do not close the idm “Stop Searching” window.

Select the file click download

Idm will automatically capture and ask “is this the new link”

Click ok


if file is large prefer jdownloader 2

Have a look to this thread, it will help you! :slight_smile: