[SOLVED] How to remove DRM protection from videos?

Does anyone know how to remove DRM protection ? I downloaded some videos from codingblocks.com but couldn’t play them as they are DRM protected . Tried several Programs which claims to Remove DRM but They could not . Also , did not find anything useful on Google .


Did you tried this: https://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/drm-protected-video-and-dvd-converter.html
Last year, a friend did that and everything works for him. I’m sure it will do the deed as it should be.

And not even this, this software can also do the job easily. For WMA Files & For MP4 Files

Try any of them! :+1:


@SaM Yes I tried HD Video Converter Factory Pro . It did something with the MP4 file but did not play and in WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro there is no option to add MP4 files . As I mentioned before I tried several others which claims to Remove DRM . All of them did something with the file showing DRM is removed , but file did not play . Don’t know how your friend did that .

Well, I can understand that, But before proceeding, You must hold that to removal thing for a minute, and consider something basic first, here it is: You said it did the job but video does not play, Right?

  1. Video playing problem probably cause due to convert issue, while it’s getting convert.
  2. Video playing problem probably cause due to settings as well, while adding and selecting the correct options.
  3. Video playing problem probably cause due to a Format issue, file extension issue, etc!
  4. Maybe something missing from the original files, while you have downloaded or streamed them.

Did you try specific media players? there are many of them with different piece of support, K-Lite Codec Mega, VLC, Gomplayer, KMplayer, Quicktime, Etc, kindly consider all this and reply, no hurry because I will might be able to respond after a while, going away to sort out bunch of things, so take your time and try the given instruction and report back.

Remember, there are not much, only fever software available that can remove DRM, and the top 2 already given above, the other rest just convert without any result, Boom! so that’s why I’m asking you to make a easy breezy troubleshoot :blush: See ya later!