[SOLVED] How to play TS video files from Set Top Box on PC?

this is what i get when i recorded a 5 min clip from VH1 channel through my set top box. But when i take out the pendrive a play .ts file in pc, it plays in VLC but without sound or video. nothing blank. But when i put the pendrive in the set top box, and play there, it plays without any stutter and anything, plays smooth.

So, i figured that, they must have some decoding technique or, this “ts video” file, only plays in that hardware, set top box? I really need to know how to play that outside of set top box. i cannot upload the file here, so if someone want to decode it, heres the link to the files …


The set top box is from Nepal, from Dish Home, Company. i have watched videos in youtube, but most of the videos are from the Indian Set top box, where, the “ts file” can be played using potplayer or klite. But this set top box, is very highly encoded, even with ffmpeg i get this error. let me show you.

hope the great team of ONEHACK help me. Thank you!!!

try VLC/KM player they support huge variety of encodes.

Did you tried converting the file to .mp4 or .mkv format

i’m uploading the files in google drive… hope u help me…


can u help me. opening this goddamn ts file. :smiley:

These are Encrypted files. require pins.

anyway, try this, and get it done.


But if the files depend on support files inside your DVR then this will not work.

Good luck! :+1:

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@Anix_Sharma Did you get it working?
What was the pin/key to decrypt it if you were successful?

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nope… i didn’t know how to launch tsdecrypt file, its is bz2 format… i think it works only in linux, unfortunately i only have windows… so…i will try later… i was hoping some of the guys here will decrypt it as i have put the link for the file as well… cheers!!! OneHackRocks!!!