[SOLVED] how to hack Mega upload how i can 200 GB Upload maximum

hi all team 1hack exist a solution get mega.nz hack how i can get account premium about 200 GB maximum… thanks advanced…


There is no trick for that, upgrading to premium account is the only solution! I have one mega nz account if you want, it’s premium, just don’t change the password, check your PM, if it’s working, good, if not, better luck next time!


Kindly read it. Thanks.

Does Requesting Premium/Free Account Of Any Source Allow In This Forum

NO! No one allowed to request, But you can get them by @SaM if he released a thread where he shares specific accounts on time if possible. other than that, never request him anything nor ask in the forum.

Does Requesting Any Content I Need For Free Allow In This Forum

NO! Read above, we do not provide content in any direction, so avoid asking for anything that costs money, paid content no matter it’s Mp3 or a theme or whatever it is, Enjoy what we deliver here and you can only ask for help regarding your problems on anything, troubleshooting, instructions, etc!


may i get one too?
thanks in advance

Just open a new account once your current one is full. Mega doesn’t have any rule against having multiple accounts so you don’t risk losing your data or getting your account disabled because you were caught using some stupid trick.
Create 50GB account -> fill it up -> create new 50GB account -> fill it up -> repeat.

Checkout Mega Bastard

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