[SOLVED] how to get reddit premium for free

can anyone let me know that how can i get reddit premium for free


You mean the apk?
Head over tonMobilism website.

If you ever get Premium, it must be Suspended account. but premium goes in hands. Reddit ToS are strict once an account open in a new location, get cracked, or Inactive. it automatically gets suspended until unless you reset the password nothing gonna come back because you would never get access to registered Email.

Check the Example:

I have more than 4K accounts, Suspended Premium.


@SaM is there any benefit of suspended premium?

Yes, You surf there easily you still have access to everywhere. but access, such features won’t get changed unless OP reset the password and re-verify the account.

but i am not getting the access of this r/lounge community.

That was an account from 2016, just to give you an Example. and probably that community would require active account with recently got paid. Not suspended ones. anyways, If have suspended accounts not the active ones as I mentioned above once account get hacked or cracked it will get suspended. let’s see if anyone can give you a fresh one (Even it’s not possible unless anyone do it personally for you) Can’t say it possible or not. That’s all from my sight.