[SOLVED] How to delete own post & account

how to delete the own post pl anyone tell me how to delete account too…

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tell i need to no how to delete my own post and i shared pl…

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Bro we can’t delete our threads, admin and moderators can delete it. :blush:

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I think it would be great if members are allowed to delete their own post. For example if I share a course and after falf an hour it expires then what I will like is simply delete the post. Besides if anyone create a duplicate topic by mistake then it would be great if he is allowed to delete his/her own thread. What you think guys?


Delete option is disabled because members might SPAM forum with several post and delete afterwords
I think members should think before making a post
like searching forum checking wether u r making a duplicate topic or not
as an added measure to prevent this delete option is disabled
and only Admin can delete it.


@Rajeshrk You can’t because you’re User so far.

Basic User: Can delete their comment/reply (We also call this a Post)
Member & Above: Can delete their comment/reply (We also call this a Post)

  • But No one can Trash/Delete their Own Topic (We also call this a Thread)

Moderator: Can trash Topic, Posts, etc!
Chief/Admin: Me, I can do anything.

About account, WE DON’T DELETE ACCOUNTS. If you don’t want to stay then leave peacefully never log in. That’s all.
But due to privacy issues, Kindly ask me if anyone bothering you or threaten you, i will look into that. I can help you with that I really care about my users.

@Assam_Sound_Hits You sent me 2 messages. And i highly recommend you and others newbies.
WHY DON’T YOU READ FAQ OR THE BEGINNERS GUIDE? All of your questions already Solved at The Beginners Guide. Kindly read and get learned buddy. Good luck!